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Matemática en Japón Resumen   PDF
Catalina Cvitanic, Catalina; Mundaca, Adriana
Matemática en Japón Resumen   PDF
Takuya Baba
Cognición : Hearing the cognitive voice of signs Resumen   PDF
Francesca Ferrara
Enseñanza del Álgebra A Brief Introduction to Matrix Algebra Resumen   PDF
Konstantin Tretyakov
Aprendizaje de la matemática A cognitive analysis of problems of comprehension in a learning of mathematics Resumen   PDF
Raymond Duval
Currículo de Matemática A Coherent Curriculum Resumen   PDF
Leland Cogan; Houang, Richard; Schmidt, William.
Matemática en Japón A Comparison of Japanese and American Education Systems Resumen   PDF
Jackie Cooke
Matemática en Japón A comparison of the teaching of geometrical ideas in Japan and the US Resumen   PDF
Keith Jones
Resolución de problemas A comparison of two approaches for teaching complex, authentic mathematics problems to Adolescents in Remedial Math Classes. Exceptional Children. Resumen   PDF
Bottge, Brian A; Hasselbring, Ted S.
Currículo de Matemática A Framework for Research and Curriculum Development in Undergraduate Mathematics Educationjpeg Resumen   PDF
Mark Asiala; Brown, Anne; DeViries, David; Dubinsky, Ed; Mathews, David; Thomas, Karen.
Enseñanza del Álgebra A framework for understanding algebra. Resumen   PDF
Jon F. Hasenbank
Educación para Adultos A gender perspective on adults motivation (and resistance) to learn mathematics Resumen   PDF
Tina Wedge
Historia y Enseñanza de las Matemáticas A graduate course on the role of history in teaching mathematics in Study the Masters. The Abel-Fauvel Conference, Kristiansand. Resumen   PDF
Enseñanza del Álgebra A Meta-Cognitive Computer-based Tutor for High-School Algebra. Resumen   PDF
Sowmya Ramachandran
Uso de la Tecnología en la Educación Matemática A Model for Integrating Technology In Pre-Service And Mathematics Content-Specific Teacher Preparation; Academic Research Library. Resumen   PDF
Margaret Niess
Tecnologías A Multiple-Perspective Analysis of Learning in the Presence of Technology Resumen   PDF
Patricia Forster; Taylor, Peter
Enseñanza del Álgebra A new unified, balanced, and conceptual approach to teaching linear algebra Resumen   PDF
Frank Uhlig
Resolución de problemas A problem-solving based mathematics course and elementary teachers beliefs. Resumen   PDF
Charles Emenaker
Uso de la Tecnología en la Educación Matemática A progress report on an exploratory mathematics course, incorporating a programming component. Mathematics and Computer education; Academic Research Library. Resumen   PDF
Golberg, R; Waxman, J.
Aprendizaje de la matemática A reflection on mathematical cognition: how far have we come and where are we going? Resumen   PDF
Kristin Umland
Resolución de problemas A Report on the Effectiveness of the Developmental Mathematics Program M.Y. Math Project- Making Your Mathematics: Knowing When and How to Use It. Mathematics and Computer Education. Resumen   PDF
Selina Vasquez
Resolución de problemas A Schematictheoretic view of Problem Solving and Development of Algebraic Thinking. Educational Studies in Mathematics. Resumen   PDF
Steele, Diana F.; Johanning, Debra I.
Uso de la Tecnología en la Educación Matemática A student's learning of geometry using the computer. Chonnan National University , The Republic of Corea. Resumen   PDF
Choi-Koh, San Sook.
Enseñanza del Álgebra A teacher's model of students algebraic thinking about equivalent expressions. Proceedings of the 28th Conference of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education, Vol 3 pp 1-8, 2004. Resumen   PDF
J. Hallagan
Cognición A Vision of Science and Mathematics for All. Resumen   PDF
Kathleen Peixotto
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